Wellton Gold, 160 apartments, Moscow


2014 was a magical year for us. In that year, Paul de Vroom Architecten and Sputnik decided to join forces for the first time on an invited competition in Moscow. That decision turned out to be better than we could have ever imagined. The collaboration during that first project was refreshing and stimulating and brought out the best of our collective experience and knowledge. Since then, we have been working as a team on projects in the Netherlands and abroad, ranging from (social) housing to offices and other commercial buildings. In 2016, the offices logically merged.

The war in Ukraine has led us to suspend our activities in Moscow until further notice. Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian and Russian friends and colleagues during these very difficult times. We hope they are safe and remain strong. While working on the projects in Moscow, we have met colleagues with whom we share a long working relationship, who have become friends and with whom we share the core values of peace, freedom and an open society.

Paul de Vroom Architecten was founded in 2013. With this office, Paul has embarked on a new and challenging course, after a career of 30 years as founder partner of DKV Architecten. With DKV, Paul de Vroom realized numerous projects in the field of housing, urban planning, non-residential construction and public construction, which are highly valued at home and abroad.

Sputnik Architects is a Dutch office. There is no Russian background or connection. The name was chosen when it was founded in 2000, referring to the first satellite that was put into orbit in 1957. A mind-blowing idea, executed with elegant simplicity. The office mirrors its design method to that. It symbolizes innovation and a positive vision of the future.

Many pre-2014 projects in our individual offices had a major impact on our development as architects. Therefore, in addition to our recent work, a selection of these projects is presented in the Projects Overview.


highlighted project: Lycka, Amsterdam Sloterdijk #

TPDVSP 20 Lycka Ossip

In this project we succeeded to shape the intensive program of compact social housing in an extremely efficient manner to a sturdy building that unites the scale of the surrounding office giants with the scale of homes.

view the project Lycka

Themes that guide our work #

SPUTNIK Goed Wonen TU Delft01

Good Affordable Housing Research Project

We design buildings for people to inhabit, to cherish as their home or to or as a nice place to work. In the process of designing we are guided by 4 themes to achieve that goal: Smart Typologies, Sustainable Future, Tailor Made Design, Building is a Craft and Furniture.


Who we are and how we work #


Paul, Henk en Bert Karel in the Big Green Egg Europe office building

Paul de Vroom, Henk Bultstra and Bert Karel Deuten share a heart felt belief in the power of models and types as driving forces in the design and communication process of a project. Besides their work in the office, they share their knowledge at different architecture schools in The Netherlands and abroad.

About us

For ideas, updates and news #

Moscow Melnikov 4

a unique visit to the Melnikov House

In the Journal we collect news about our office, ideas that have not yet been given a place in a project, reports of excursions and project visits, updates on construction, and so on. Here we give an overview of what keeps us busy.