Jul 2022

Under Construction: House L

Great weather to visit the construction site of House L! The rock chimney and the facades with small white tiles combine beautifully. We can't wait for the black 'spider legs' to be put in place.

220708 TPDVSP House L
TPDVSP house L under construction LT
220708 TPDVSP House L inside

When the structure and walls are in place, one can go inside and feel the spaces, how they are connected to each other and how the daylight enters. On the outside one can see the volume and composition of the building masses. One by one the surfaces are materialized and the design comes to life. The rock chimney is one of the defining elements of this house. There is a fireplace in the sitting room and dining room. In addition, the chimney continues from the inside to the outside. Outside there is also a fireplace on the sitting terrace and the kitchen/dining terrace. These terraces will be covered with a construction of "spider-legs". Together with the small tiles and dark frames in the facade, at the garden the atmosphere of a 'mid-century' house is created in a contemporary way.