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Big Green Egg Europe, office building

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Tailor made #

The Big Green Egg is synonym to the highest quality Kamado barbecues. The production is in the United States, where Big Green Egg originates. Big Green Egg Europe delivers to 42 countries in Europe. It imports, creates advertisement campaigns and invites importers from European countries, Asia and the Middle East to visit the company in De Lier, near Rotterdam. Now the company is expanding and our client took that as an opportunity to create a tailor-made office building, perfectly suited for the company’s operation style. One thing was clear from the beginning: The design quality of the building should match the quality of the product.

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The kamado is a typical product from the experience economy and it represents a certain lifestyle. Therefore the company is foremost focused on marketing and events. To enhance the creative process an inspiring work environment is necessary in which colleagues work in an open setting with short links between them. Besides that, a high quality outdoor space is essential to welcome the resellers and importers and to demonstrate the “Eggs”.

The building is given a pure main form, a natural spatial design and use of specific materials. It consists of a dark square volume in two layers, that by its clear simplicity puts itself firmly between the nondescript warehouses in the industrial context. Around the building the facade only has some continuous, floor to ceiling high windows at relevant points, the rest is massive brickwork. The interior holds a surprise.

A square patio is centered in the building. Its floor level is halfway the ground floor and the first floor. This allows all the representative spaces on the ground floor and the office spaces on the first floor a direct relation to the self-created outdoors. A full grown tree marks the middle of the patio and provides comfortable lively shade form the sunlight all through the building..

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TPDVSP big green egg plans

The building’s context is that of a typical industrial area, lots of neighboring warehouses and offices. Therefore we turned the usual outward orientation in the building around to an enclosed patio. The patio level is on +1/2, in between the ground floor and the first floor, therefore the patio has a direct spatial connection to both office floors and can be easily reached. The flagstone floor runs from the interior into the patio. A full grown tree will offer the people shade and comfort during outdoor meetings and breaks.

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Nowadays it is rare to be commissioned the full project, including the tender documents and site supervision, the interior design, and the design of the outdoor kitchen. We regard this total design commission the biggest vote of confidence the client could give us.

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