Wellton Gold, 160 appartementen

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TPDVSP Wellton Gold facade

Being one of the final redevelopment projects of this district the project’s building site is enclosed by newly built high rises. The insolation requirements (sun light on facade of the building and its neighboring buildings) left an nearly impossible building envelope. Together with our co-architect we defined a volume of two stacked and shifting cube-like blocks.

TPDVSP Wellton Gold scheme
TPDVSP Wellton Gold photo 01
TPDVSP Wellton Gold golden arcade mock up

The minimalist design relies on an extreme precision in the measurements and details. The challenge lies in the fact that the cubes are not really cubes. The corners are not all completely straight and the facades have different lengths. In the end the choice of the brick size, will determine the exact layout of the plans and facades.

TPDVSP Wellton Gold site